Case Study Presentation: Taco Bell

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Read Case Study: Taco Bell Corporation: “Where’s the Beef?” located on page 77 of the textbook.

Assume the role of Taco Bell President Greg Creed and consider the appropriate response to the 2011 “Where’s the beef?” lawsuit.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (in the role of Creed) that you will give to your communication team at Taco Bell to outline your vision for the company’s response to the lawsuit.

Assume that the “Thank you for suing us” ad has not yet been released, but that it has been recommended by one of your trusted advisors.

Address the following in your presentation:

  • Should the ad run? If so (or if not), how does that fit into your broader strategic goals for the response?
  • Create alternative responses, weighing the pros and cons of various strategies. Consider the following:
    • The purpose of the company response
    • The intended audience
    • The context and channel
    • The broader goals of how Taco Bell should shape its public image and improve its trust with consumers

Prepare at least 8 slides (excluding the title and references slides) with detailed speaker notes of approximately 75 words per slide. Your speaker notes should reveal the reasoning behind your proposed strategy.

Include a minimum of three scholarly sources

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