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Analyzing Research and Applying Evaluation Knowledge

In this post, you are asked to address two prompts:

  1. Critique the Bowland, Edmond, and Fallot article that you read this week.
    • Identify one limitation in the evaluation design or in how the authors interpreted the findings.
    • Discuss how you might address that limitation if you were to replicate the study. What further questions do you have about the effectiveness of this intervention?
  2. If you were to conduct an evaluation at your current or previous work, internship, or volunteer site, what type of evaluation would you use (for example, need, process, outcome, and or efficiency)? Reference the course readings. (Remember that my job would be in the social work field)
    • List three potential research questions.

Note that your post should be substantive and be 500-750 words. It should be well-organized and proofread.

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