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Become an expert on ASD and ADHD, which are both discussed in the chapters and create an informational booklet OR webpage describing:

a. Causes
b. Characteristics
c. Diagnosis
d. Educational implications (i.e. what accommodations can help the student succeed)
e. Advocacy or support groups

In addition, please complete your video observation of both of the disabilities (videos included in course content for this module). Please include your EdPuzzle video analysis, along with your video analysis guide. In order for this assignment to be complete, it MUST include the informational booklet and video analysis.

You will complete a video analysis for at least 2 minutes of the video. You will find the video analysis chart attached (in course content section), which includes objectives for you to look for, how to complete a running record, where to discuss your interpretation of the observation, and what to include in your conclusion/implication section.

For the running record portion, you will be using Edpuzzle.

1. Sign up for an EdPuzzle TEACHER account.

2. Search the following video: “What does ADHD look like?.”

3. Save this video in your EdPuzzle library.

4. Play and carefully watch Video 1, “What does ADHD look like.” and then watch Video 2 ‘Playing with Toys: real look at autism, episode 5’

5. Trim the video if you would like.

6. Then, add your voiceover/written observations explaining what you have observed. Make sure to include what you are seeing without your judgments or interpretations. Make sure to take into account the following identified objectives for this assignment:

a. Look for characteristics of the disability.

b. What is the student doing?

c. What is the student not doing?

d. How is the student nteracting with their environment?

9. Share your embedded link with your professor by copying and pasting it onto the bottom of your video analysis chart. Remember, you will only be using Edpuzzle for the running record portion of the video observation; I expect your interpretation and implications/conclusion portions to be documented on the chart.

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