Education Time Line

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  • Choose at least one interesting significant event which occurred during each of the following eras You may want to also use this link for additional information and interesting facts:
  • Create your own timeline in any format you choose.There are many examples on the internet.Please do not cut and paste one.This timeline must be original work by you.You may use multiple sources just remember to cite these and provide credit to the authors of work.
  • Answer in a 3-5 sentence paragraph:

Source:This comprehensive timeline was created and is maintained by Edmund Sass, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus of Education, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University.


Significant event

Other fact(s) I found interesting

Colonial Era


Common School Era


Progressive Era


Modern Era


Schools Today


Timeline, EDFN A101, due 10/15/2018

Here is one sample created by a student I believe is a visual to serve as a possible example.There are many ways to create a timeline.


Why is it important to be familiar with educational history?How do you anticipate this to impact your teaching?

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