I need 2 paragraphs which is 400 words for each case.

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Opening Case: Market Entry at Starbucks

QUESTION 1: Why do you think Starbucks decided to enter the Japanese market via a joint venture with a Japanese company? What lesson can you draw from this?

QUESTION 2: What drove Starbucks to start expanding internationally? How is the company creating value for its shareholders by pursuing and international expansion strategy?

Closing Case: JCB in India

QUESTION 1: Why do you think that India was an attractive market for JCB?

QUESTION 2: Historically, JCB entered foreign markets through exports. Why do you think JCB generally favored exports?

QUESTION 3: In India, JCB decided to enter via a joint venture. What was the articulated rational for this? In what other ways might the joint venture strategy have benefitted JCB?

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