I need to write 1 page of how i worked with my group members. I need someone to write it for me.

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I have two examples of what my group members wrote so you have an idea of what to write:

Example 1:

For me, being part of this group project was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed working closely together with my team over this semester. Moreover, I appreciated the experiences I was allowed to make while occupying the special position of the CEO of our virtual company. The “lessons learned” varied largely from negative to positive ones. I learned, that there is always a way and that even the biggest obstacle can be overcome as a team, but also how hard it can be to find common ground especially with a group size of 5 members. A similar problem that became apparent, was to find the right time and place and same level of focus and concentration within every group member, which often didn’t work out.

Still we managed every task so far and what definitely supported us during that was “brainstorming”. This decision-making tool is the perfect way to solve a problem or task in a rather informal group setting like ours. We used to search for an empty classroom where we could have a quiet environment, a flipchart and a whiteboard. Visualizing things through mind maps, charts and written approaches to questions helped. Roles and responsibilities were mostly shared, as we tried to solve every task altogether. Sometimes, when there was time pressure we alloted the task among groups of 2-3 members which was benefitted through our group size. Over all we worked very well together and most of the time also very efficiently which might be due to proper team development.

The 5 of us definitely went through an intense phase of Forming as we not only had to get acquainted with one another but also had to figure out what was expected from us exactly and how would hold which position. Storming was an even more intense phase, as we now had to figure out what kind of business we should think of. To settle for one idea was a lengthy process with some conflicts and disagreements. During the Norming-phase we didn’t experience that many troubles as the distribution of the tasks was very uncomplicated and seemed somehow given. Performing was the longest and most complicated but also the most satisfying phase of all five. We could really watch each other develop and grow with the challenge, only interrupted by some minor conflicts and times of demotivation. Now as we do the third part of the project we seem very routined and familiar with each other and work in a way higher pace and stage of productivity. For me personally, the stage of Adjourning is probably going to be the least pleasant. On the one side the project and therefore the pressure is going to be over, but on the other the whole business idea will fade as well as the work we put into and the team will start to dissolve. This is for sure an unpleasant experience for me, but still I am positive that we will stay in contact even after finishing this project and that I will retain a lot of knowledge, experience and skill from this business project.

Example 2:

Working as a group is always difficult, especially if your group members do not participate in the project. I am really happy, that our group did not include any member that did not participate.

I have learned that communication is the key to succeed as a group. As my colleague already mentioned, brainstorming was a great decision-making-tool. We collected our ideas on the whiteboard and had one member write them down, we went through many possible ways of solving each task and decided on one way together. Sometimes we encountered a lack of motivation in differing members, but we always managed to get all focused and ready to work.

We had difficulties figuring out which kind of startup idea we wanted to follow, but since it became a combination of all our ideas we all put our effort into it for the same reasons.

The question for this assignment is “have there been any lessons learned for you concerning teamwork from this group project? which decision-making tools did your group use? did these tools work effectively for your purpose or did you identify and shortcomings. did you pass through the five stages of team evelopment?”

read both examples and make something similiar to them. What they wrote is basically what i need to write.

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