Netflix Case

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Please read the Netflix case located in your packet. Create a Power Point presentation highlighting the following:

1. Describe Netflix’s strategy in this case. What works well with this strategy? What are some of its challenges?

2. How was Netflix able to disrupt the home entertainment industry? How did Netflix’s business strategy change over time?

3. Netflix’s growth in the United States seems to be maturing. How could Netflix increase its demand for services in the United States? What other services might it be able to offer?

4. What challenges does Netflix face outside of the U.S. market? Can Netflix adequately address those challenges?

5. Go to Value Line at our University Library and find the Value Line sheet. What do analysts have to say about Netflix?

6. Go to and find the intrinsic price for NetFlix and compare it to the market price. Is NetFlix currently undervalued?

7. Decision: Would you elect to invest in NetFlix at this particular time? Why or why not?

I will attach the file as soon as you bid.

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