Production of Marie Antoinette Play

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First Part:

Thesis statements: Submit two proposed thesis statements for a production analysis of Marie Antoinette. Although you will only focus on one of these two thesis statements in your paper, you will attend to both in this assignment in preparation for the paper.

So, one you already working on. Make up another 1 to 2 sentences thesis statements.

Second Part:

I attended my school theatre department’s production of Marie Antoinette. I need to write an essay in which you analyze one aspect of that production. In this essay, you will be relying on the performance rather than the written text as the basis for your argument and analysis. In other words, you won’t be offering an interpretation of a piece of dramatic literature, but rather you will be analyzing how a specific element of production was put to use in the production. The aspect I took note for is costuming and makeup. So you will discuss the costuming and makeup and how they were used in the production and what is there effect on the play and telling the story.

Please note that this assignment does not ask you to simply review the performance. Rather, you are being asked to take one aspect of the production and relate it to the whole. Though you may choose not to do library research for this project, you might find it useful to do a little background research on the particular aspect of performance that you have isolated. For instance, if you choose to discuss the use of costum, then you might want to check out several books on costuming to understand the basic terminology, functions, and uses of costuming.

its a 3 pages minimum. please only use credible sources.

These are My notes on the production. it may help: (ignore my notes on the stage.)

– the stage is is rectangular. and the audience are surrounding the stage from the 2 long sides.

– The actors enter the stage from all sides.

– when inside a palace, there are three empty, luxurious frames on three sides of the stage.

– there are 3 chairs and side table. they change its arrangements to suite the Scene.

– the sheep was portrayed by a person wearing a white wool hoodie and black pants carrying a doll sheep. (how would this help the story telling? )

– The dresses are stylish and elegant. And the wigs are big but not as huge as other productions. the make up is heavy.

– when the king was fleeing with his family they were dressing like farmers, and Marie has no make up.

– Marie’s cloth on the execution scene was very simple white wear.

Thank you.

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