“sustainability” major paper: Problem Definition and Current State Analysis (500–600 words)

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This is a group project paper, you just need to write the “actions” part.

Assignment Requirements:

Structure the paper with five sections: introduction, stakeholders, actions, impacts, and a brief conclusion

Must include at least three (3) academic sources, cited in APA format

Must contain all information listed in the grading rubric on the next page. **use this to structure your essay!**


Determine the primary actions that have led to your defined problem. Also describe specific technologies, resources, and policies governing or impacting these actions.

I will have the other group member’s part attached below and the main topic of the paper is about “indegineous rights about Colorado River Basin”. And there are few website sourses you can use for the paper I will also attached below. You only need to write 500–600 words.

need 3 sources, cited in APA format, and please include the work cited pape

If you have more questions, please be free to ask me. Thank you 😉

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