5-8 pages paper

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this is what the professor said : the paper due oct23 . idid a draft small draft and i attched it

5-8 pages long and covers a specific contemporary issue that can serve as an example of a general theory of political economy. the paper will be written by referencing at least two academic political science articles and at least three newspaper or other journalistic sources.

  • Your paper should:
    • Summarize and explain the two articles (this part might be about 3-4 pages)
      • State and explain the research question that both papers address (it’s the same for both papers).
      • Explain each paper’s hypothesis.
      • Describe the independent variables and dependent variable for each paper.
      • Describe each paper’s basic findings and conclusion.
    • Explain the different conclusions that the two articles reach (this part might be about 1 page)
    • Evaluate the differences between the two articles by describing a contemporary situation, using at least three news articles (this part might be about 1-2 pages)
  • 5-8 pages, double-spaced, not including references.
  • Cite the two papers and and least three news articles from mainstream news sources (the sources do not need to be U.S.-based). For each news source you use that is at all unfamiliar, include a footnote in which you establish that it is a reputable source.
  • Use complete citations using a conventional format.

Paper #1: Due October 23

Option 1: Why do some developing countries open up to foreign capital while others do not?

  • Mukherjee, Bumba, Vineeta Yadav, and Sergio Béjar. “Electoral particularism, bank concentration, and capital account liberalization in developing democracies.” Comparative Political Studies 47.6 (2014): 851-877.
  • Pinheiro, Diogo, Jeffrey M. Chwieroth, and Alexander Hicks. “Do international non-governmental organizations inhibit globalization? The case of capital account liberalization in developing countries.” European Journal of International Relations 21.1 (2015): 146-170.

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