Art- single-spacing

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Some questions you should answer in your paper are: 1). Was “Tilted Arc” a “work of art” or not? Why? Give reasons and specific examples. 2). Was the public justified in having “Tilted Arc”removed? Why or why not? Give specific reasons and examples. 3). Is a creation by an artist not considered “art” just because the public does not agree with it? Why or why not? 4). Does the definition of art lie at the feet of the creator (artist) or does the public have the right to decide what is art? Why or why not? 5). Does this sculpture fit in to your personal definition of art? 6). Does art have to be beautiful, skillful or convenient in order to be “art?” These are all questions I would like you to address in your writing for assignment #1.

Please be mindful of spelling, grammar and complete sentence and paragraph format. Respond in one and a half pages or longer of writing. No double-spacing or larger than 12 point type please.

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