Bus120 Chapter 11 homework

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Hello, I need help with my Financial Accounting homework. The way you log on:

1. Search for Cuyamaca.edu

2. Upper right hand corner click on: Black Board

3. Log onto blackboard: username: amber.ballo password: amber96

4. Click on Bus120 on the right hand side

5. Click on Cengage on the left hand side, and click on Bus 120 on the next window

6. Chapter 11 is the homework assignment that needs to be completed.

Please complete all the steps and fill out all the needed information. You can check your work throughout the assignment but NOT the test. If the test is submitted then you will not be able to improve your work. I am hoping to get at least a 95% or better for the assignment. Thank you for your time.

If you have any questions please let me know!

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