global team and Bus info,risk and quality

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Q1: Global Development Team and users of your project. As a leader, brainstorm the challenges and steps you will required to take to overcome the challenges posed by having global team for development AND implementation of your project at a global level. Include all points from a cultural and communication standpoint (if available consider utilizing as a context for discussion).

My project name is – Improving security of business websites by using Intelligent Agent.

Q2: Research and then write a 2-3 page (without name page and reference page) paper discussing social media’s impact on business. Use at least 5 outside sources (does NOT have to be peer-reviewed journals). What are the ramifications for a business pursuing social media? What are the issues if they don’t pursue it?

need reference under each answer individually

must provide headings

write in APA format

follow the question properly

no plagiarism should be present

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