Communicating in Business Discussion

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We are moving into a world where virtual teams, meetings,work and even classes are heldon line. One of the many issues with this is understanding group dynamics,relating to a person on the other end of the computer,and respecting each others opinions and positions.

With the readings from pages46/47of the text please answer the following questions:(you can not use the book as a reference, please find additional source to add to your opinion)

1. In todays virtual world,how would you create a successful team based on8points listed?(Stay Small,Agree on purpose,Agree on Procedures,Confronting Conflict,Communicate Effectively,Collaborate,Accept Ethical,Share Leadership)

2. In figure2.3of dealing with conflict,describe how you would use these strategies when dealing with conflict in a virtual situation(Listen,Understand,Show Concern,Look for Areas of Agreement,Invent New Problem Solving,Reach Agreement)

Please add your thoughts,not copy book word for word.

I attacked 4 photos below that is the page 46/47 and original topic.

Please let me know if you could see all pictures good

Thanks you!

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