Edit and professor comment

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Edit and professor comment from a paper you wrote:

professor : I have read through your paper, though not in enough detail to tell you your exact comment. I can say with confidence that the paper, as it stands, is somewhere between a B and B- (in the 82-86% range). I noticed problems in the paper that would be relatively easy to fix. First, you don’t provide any quotes from the gospel, and some of your statements need quotes to support them, or at the very least a citation (i.e. giving the citation for where Jesus says/does something without actually quoting it). Also, you mention the incident where Jesus prevents people from stoning the woman found in adultery. This, however, occurs in the Gospel According to John and not in the gospel of Matthew. Finally, you cite the Anchor Bible Dictionary, Encyclopedia of Religion, and Encyclopedia Judaica, but you don’t mention the names of the articles you are quoting. For the Anchor Bible Dictionary, you should also provide volume and page number.

I’ll do a closer reading and get fuller comments and specific grade to you soon. Hopefully this will at least help you plan your time. ,


reminder of the paper direction and sources :

Analysis paper: Christianity

The analytical paper is a traditional, thesis-driven assignment. You may pick any of the following prompts in the doc bellow The paper should be 7-10 pages long (12 pt font, double-spaced, 1” margins, no space between paragraphs). Your header material (name/date/assignment title/etc) should be no more than 4 single-spaced lines at the top of your document. This paper does not require any secondary research and should primarily focus on analysis of primary source material. You may reference any of the secondary readings assigned for the course. Should you desire, you may consult the Anchor Bible Dictionary , The Encyclopedia of Religion (2nd edition, Lindsay Jones, ed; available online through American’s library website), or Encyclopedia Judaica (2007 edition, available online through library website). These should be consulted for basic background information; if you use them, provide a bibliography indicating the specific article. Encyclopedia of Religion and Encyclopedia Judaica provide the full citation at the bottom of each article. Paper topics are in the doc bellow:


Please fix the paper in the matter time and edit it , thank you,

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