Final Research essay

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Assignment: Choose this literature ( “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry,”) that we have read this semester and
write an essay that makes an argument for what you believe to be the
theme of that work.
In other words, you want your essay to argue
about your interpretation of the text and what that particular text
communicates to the reader. You may wish to consider what the text
communicates about issues of gender, race, ethnicity, democracy, art,
war, individualism, family values, religion, nature, etc*****.I ATTACHED THE TOPIC PROPOSAL THAT YOU DID FOR ME AS WELL.

Brainstorming: Consider
the following questions to help you get started. What is the larger
lesson/moral? What should the reader have gained from reading the text
you’ve chosen? How does this theme or moral speak to the historical or
cultural events that were occurring when it was produced? Is this theme
still relevant today?

The text will serve as your primary source and you should use direct quotations from the text as evidence for your argument. You will also need to use at least one secondary source from an academic or peer-reviewed journal. The secondary sources are accessible from the SPC Databases. You may want to review the SPC Library Guide to Literary Analysis.
If prompted to enter a user id and password, enter your student number
and the last four digits of your social security number. Although you
can make any argument you would like about your text, the goal is to
make sure that argument is supported in the body paragraphs with
evidence from both the primary and secondary sources. You want to avoid
extended plot summary in the body of the essay; instead, you should
briefly summarize in the introductory paragraph only. You may also want
to keep in mind the literary devices we’ve discussed as possible points
of discussion.


  • Essays should be double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12pt font, and in MLA format.
  • You must include in-text citations from both your primary and secondary sources. These citations should be in MLA format.
  • You must include a Works Cited page in MLA format.
  • Your essay must be a minimum of 1000 words and five paragraphs.
  • Your thesis statement must be arguable and appear as the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.
  • Make
    sure you use quotation marks to offset short story, poem titles, and
    article titles. Plays and book titles should be offset with italics.
  • Make sure each body paragraph features a topic sentence that is specifically connected to the argument in the thesis statement.
  • You must
    use at least one secondary source from a peer reviewed or academic
    journal using the SPC databases. You may use other sources as well so
    long as you have one scholarly source. However, you should not use any of the following websites as sources in your essay: Shmoop, Gradesavers, Enotes, SparkNotes.
  • Make sure you introduce all quotations. Review the Avoid the Floating Quotation handout in the Start Here folder.

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