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Instructions: The midterm consists of 14 essay questions. Each essay
should be approximately 300 words in length and include information
taken from the textbook. Any information obtained from outside the
textbook must be cited. Essays will be graded on length, informational
content, and writing quality.

Chapter 1
Compare and contrast European values and ways of life
with those of the Indians. Consider addressing religion, views about
ownership of land, gender relations, and notions of freedom.

Compare the different economic and political systems of spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and France in the age of expansion.

Chapter 2
Compare and contrast settlement patterns, treatment of Indians, and religion of the Spanish and English in the Americas.

In what ways did the economy, government, and household structure differ in New England and the Chesapeake colonies.

Chapter 3
How did King Philip’s War, Bacon’s Rebellion, and the
Salem witch trials illustrate a widespread crisis in British North
America in the late seventeenth century?

By the end of the seventeenth century, commerce was the foundation of
empire and the leading cause of competition between European empires.
Explain how the North American colonies were directly linked to Atlantic
commerce by laws and trade.

Chapter 4
How did Great Britain’s position in North America change
relative to the other European powers during the first three-quarters
of the eighteenth century?

Three distinct slave systems were well entrenched in Britain’s
mainland colonies. Describe the main characteristics of each system.

Chapter 5
Discuss the ramifications of using slaves in the British
and Continental armies. Why did the British authorize the use of
slaves? Why did the Americans? How did the slaves benefit?

Why did the colonists reach the conclusion that membership in the empire threatened their freedoms, rather than guaranteed them?

Chapter 6
For the lower classes, colonial society had been based
on inequality, deference, and obedience. How did the American
Revolution challenge that social order?

How did ideas of political freedom affect people’s ideas about economic rights and relationships?

Chapter 7
How did the limited central government created by the
Articles of Confederation reflect the issues behind the Revolution and
fear for individual liberties?

The Constitution has been described as a “bundle of compromises.”
Which compromises were the most significant in shaping the direction of
the new nation and why?

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