How to read a Research Paper

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Assignment #1: Research Article Analysis

  1. Begin by reading the AJOT article, “How to read a research paper” (Cohen, 1988). The article is attached.

Cohen, H. (1988). How to read a research paper. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 49, 44-52.

  1. Choose a peer-reviewed journal article that presents research on an aspect of Life Balance.

Examine all sections of the article as explained by Cohen (1988).

  1. Adhering to APA Style, write a scholarly paper five pages in length, in which you explain the following:

Section I: Overview

  • Briefly identify the source from which the investigator(s) obtained the research question.
  • Does the study fit the four characteristics of research as being logical, confirmable, understandable and useful? Explain your rationale for each of the four characteristics.
  • Identify a theory that is presented in the article, and indicate all the parts of that theory.
  • What is the level of abstraction that is presented in the literature review or developed in the article? (Levels from lowest to highest: 1. Concepts; 2. Constructs; 3. Relationships; 4. Propositions.) How did you come to this conclusion?

Section II: Methodology and Results

  • Search the research article for the important constructs that have been subjected to measurement. Indicate their definitions, and determine how the authors have operationalized them. Explain this in a few sentences.
  • Did the described study consist of experimental research, naturalistic inquiry, or mixed-methods? How do you know this?
  • Summarize the methods that were used to conduct the research.
  • Summarize the research findings.
  • What were the study limitations and how do they affect the relevance of the findings?

Section III: Applications and Implications

  • How can the results of this study be utilized to inform the practice of occupational therapy?

Include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph. Use headings to organize your information. Create headings from the instructor’s questions, in the same order.

Not counting the cover page or the references page, this paper should be 5 pages in length, double spaced in size 12 font, with one-inch margins.

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