Module 05 Written Assignment – Toulmin Model Argument Short Paper

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Write a one-to-two page paper in which you identify and explain the
claim, support, and warrants of your chosen course project topic.

  1. Write a claim. All the rest of your paper will support this claim.
  2. Write the support. Write two or three subclaims that you could develop in the paper.
  3. Write the warrants.
  4. Decide on the backing.
  5. Plan a rebuttal.
  6. Qualify your claim to make it more convincing.

All written assignments in this course must:

  1. Be typed in Microsoft Word.
  2. Be double-spaced, with one space after punctuation between sentences.
  3. Contain no breaks between sections or paragraphs.
  4. Have 1” margins on all sides.
  5. Be in 12 pt. Times New Roman font.
  6. Include a page header (shortened title) in the upper left-hand of
    every page and a page number in the upper right-hand side of every page.
  7. Include an APA-style cover-page.
  8. Have the title again, centered at the top of page two.
  9. Identify all sources within the paper by using parenthetical in-text citations.
  10. Include an APA-style references page that matches the parenthetical in-text citations.

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