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The Structured Interview

Part 1:

In Chapter 2 of your text, there is a sample job description in Table 2.1 on pages 42 to 44.

  • Use this job description or one for your current job to begin to create a structured interview.
  • List at least 10 essential KSAO’s for the job that would be best tapped for a structured interview.

Part 2:

Now that you have your list of essential KSAO’s the next step is to actually write questions that will use those tapped KSAO’s. Figure 4.5 on page 142 of your text discusses the different types of questions used in a structure interview.

  • Using this figure as a guide write two examples of each type of interview question making sure you cover all of the essential KSAO’s you listed in part 1.

The following are the question types you must cover:

  • Clarifiers
  • Disqualifiers
  • Skill level determiner
  • Future focused (situational)
  • Past focused (behavioral)
  • Organization fit

The assignment is due by Sunday evening at 11:59 PM EST.

To SUBMIT: Please complete your assignment in a word document and attach by clicking on the “Week 1 Assignment” title link ABOVE in blue and then click”My Computer” to browse and attach the file.

Grading Rubric for Weekly Assignments

Assignment Point Value
Adequately covers the -Writing is within the required minimum word count 40 Points
Organization-Uses correct APA format in paper as well as with citations and references 20 points
Spelling/Grammar/Posts word count 20 points
Uses the required number and good scholarly resources 20 points
Total: 100 Points

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