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Add more details to each part of the essay, and I need 1.25k-1.3k words for this essay.

The following is the requirement for the content of this essay.


1) Identify your overall solution

2) Provide a detailed step-by-step plan

3) Summarize the final deliverables or outcomes of your plan

While the project plan follows this intro, body, conclusion format, it can be helpful to consider headings and subheadings for this section. Using lists is also a useful strategy when creating the step-by-step plan. For example, your project plan might following this structure:

1. Step 1: Overall Summary of Step

A. First

B. Second

C. Third

2. Step 2: Overall Summary of Step

and so forth.

That’s just one suggestion, of course; but having that level of organization can make it easy for reader-users to follow your logic for the plan.

The following document is a draft of 600 words I have written before. Please expand to the 1.25k-1.3k word according to the above requirements.

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