Healthcare Short Answers in detail

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Answer the following short-answer questions in detail.

1. What are the basic characteristics that differentiate the U.S. health care delivery system from
that of other countries?

2. List the four health determinant categories and provide an example of how the government is
supporting improvementin each determinant.

3. Explain how the United States has both market and social justice aspects of health care.

4. Discuss reasons why national health insurance has not developed in the United States.

5. Explain how interest groups affect health care policymaking in the United States.

6. How can technology reduce health care costs?

7. Improving access to medical care has been a challenge in the U.S. health care system. How has
technology affected access to medical care?

8. Discuss the four main aspects of globalization in health care delivery.

9. Explain the significance of gatekeeping in regard to primary care and keeping health care costs

10. How does a third-party payment system increase health care costs in today’s society?

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