BUSN 420 response 1 week 6

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Week 6: Dialogue

Please respond the following assignment in the Dialogue area of Blackboard:

Post a message that explains and discusses how the first point of contact between a business and a customer online might transform the entire shopping experience. Support your post with at least two peer-reviewed scholarly journal references.

In addition, describe from a biblical worldview how businesses can have a positive impact on consumers during their online shopping experience.

Reply to two students and use your research to add to or challenge the findings of your peers. Support at least one of your responses with at least one peer-reviewed scholarly journal reference and at least 150 words in APA format.

Above is the original post that we had to answer. Below is a fellow students post that I need to respond to.

How online businesses engage consumers greatly affects customer online shopping experiences. Consumers want to quickly know if the business’s website is useful to them and easy to use. As Hernandez, et al. (2010) found, “[T]he initial stages of customer capture must concentrate on making individuals feel efficient and capable of correctly performing all types of e-transactions (self-efficacy and control). This sensation of self-efficacy will increase [perceived usefulness] and, finally, the rate of adoption” (p. 970). When a customer has a pleasant first experience with an ecommerce business, they are more likely to complete a transaction and return to that business’s site in the future. Contrarily, if a customer does not find what they are looking for in about five minutes, they will leave the site. (Prasetio, et al., 2016) Therefore, it is important for online customers to find what they need easily and quickly for them to continue a shopping experience with ecommerce retailers. Besides, customers desire to find relevant content quickly and easily, they want the interface tailored to their different devices. As Bilgihan, et al. (2016) explain, “Consumers today have access to vast stores of information from any location at any time. The presentation of this information, therefore, must be tailored to the constraints of different devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, wearable devices)” (p. 105). In the ecommerce environment, positive buying experiences and customer loyalty are determined quickly based on the consumer’s initial experience with businesses’ online interface.

From a biblical worldview, businesses can positively impact consumers by learning about consumer preferences and creating an online environment which meets their needs. As Proverbs teaches us, “Let the wise hear and increase in learning and the one who understands obtain guidance” (English Standard Version, Proverbs 1:5). By wisely tailoring an online shopping experience to the consumers’ preferences and making the interface easy to use, we can positively impact customers, encouraging them to become and remain loyal customers.


Bilgihan, A., Kandampully, J., & Zhang, T. (2016). Towards a unified customer experience in online shopping environments. International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 8(1), 102-119.

Hernandez, B., Jimenez, J., & Martin, M. J. (2010). Customer behavior in electronic commerce: The moderating effect of e-purchasing experience. Journal of Business Research, 63(9-10), 964-971.

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