Gap Analysis

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Organizations set goals and objectives for each department and every employee within it. Whether the goals are financial or performance based, each entity within an organization is expected to perform to a level that aligns with the overarching expectations and standards set by the organization. If a department or employee falls short when these expectations are clearly identified, it is essential to identify the gap between desired outcomes and actual outcomes. To identify and address this, organizations can perform a gap analysis. Although a gap analysis is not the only tool available to an organization or manager when examining performance issues, it is commonly used to identify gaps in performance and realign processes or resources to obtain the desired outcomes or expectations to fill the gap.

To prepare for this Assignment, review the P4 Performance Management performance gap analysis from this week’s resources in order to familiarize yourself with the components of a traditional gap analysis.

  • Using the Walden Library, media, or other sources, identify and select a contemporary news story or article that describes an organization with a performance issue. You may use an organization with which you are personally familiar.
  • Using this week’s resources, along with your research, perform a gap analysis in order to identify the performance deficiencies within the organization described in the article you selected.

Complete this Assignment by developing a 3- to 5-page paper, following the guidelines below:

  • Prepare a gap analysis that includes a description of your findings and recommendations along with the following components/sections. (Note: According to APA guidelines, you should include a heading for each section in your paper.)
    • Define the current state of the organization.
    • Define the desired state of the organization.
    • Identify the existing performance deficiencies within the organization.
    • Evaluate the existing resources and organizational capabilities.
    • Identify the alternatives that are available to close/eliminate the gap.
    • Analyze the performance management strategies available to the organization in working toward its desired state.
    • Select a solution, provide a brief rationale, and outline a plan of action for implementation, including a postimplementation metric.
  • Be specific and provide examples with references to the literature.
  • All work must be original and in APA format.

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