The Name Sake Essay Assignment ( argument)

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This is an argument essay. You need an answer to the question. That will be your main point. Then, you need several explanations that support the main point. Each explanation should be supported by specific examples from the movie. Structure:

My essay should have three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. For such a short essay, you should use one paragraph for the introduction and one for the conclusion. The body should have at least one paragraph per explanation for a minimum of three; it could have more. You should follow the move to make in an introduction similar to this :

In this relationship between a white American woman and an Indian American man, cultural differences play a role; however, it is not the differences themselves but Max’s failure to learn about the differences and Gogol’s failure to teach her about the differences that lead to the couple’s breakup . >>>> ” But this sentence could be last of the introduction you might change few in your own words if you wanted. “

I will list some examples yo can start with of every section so that you can understand and follow the right direction I wanted my (argument )essay to be like :

1st sentence of section 1:

One factor that put stress on Gogol and Max’s relationship was the differences in behavioral expectations of the Bengali and U.S. culture.

1st sentence of section 2:

However, the cultural differences might have been overcome if Max had learned more about Bengali culture.

1st sentence of section 3:

Tragically, Gogol does not encourage Max to learn about Bengali culture, and in the end, his inability to share his Bengali culture with her leads to their breakup.

Please follow what I am asking I do not miss up my argument essay, hope you do everything clear and easy to understand with no plagiarism from Internet! its necessary . With connecting ideas and showing up the right examples and do not use too difficult vocabularies. I hope you have read the book or saw the movie before you you choose to begin with my essay.

Thank You

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