Assessments in higher education

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Part 1: The following essay response has three questions. Consider the points awarded for the answer, and please answer thoroughly.

What is the nature general education on a college campus?

What are common goals among college campuses for a general education program?

How are general education program assessed?

Part 2:Three commercial tests used for assessment in general education programs are discussed in your text beginning on page 175. 1) What are the tests? 2) What do they assess? 3) What are the pros and cons of each? 4) Would you select one of these to use in your assessment program? Why or why not?

Book: Banta, Trudy W. and Palomba, Catherine A. (2017) Catherine A. Assessment essentials, Jossey-Bass. 2nd edition. California: A Wiley Brand.

ISBN-13: 978-1118903322

ISBN-10: 1118903323

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