Decision Making

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Disaster responses will differ from one agency to the next. While planning and response follow a similar framework, the contributions by your team will likely result in different ways to solve the problem. Your Unit 7 assignment focused on the EOC operations and use of the EOP to address one of two scenarios. For this discussion, we will share the varied approaches taken to complete the last assignment and discuss the different approaches to decision-making.


  1. Complete the following, then post your paper as an attachment:
    • Identify the EOC staff position and scenario you selected in Unit 7.
    • Explain the role of your selected position as it related to your chosen incident.
    • Describe any challenges your team had within the scenario and which strategies would be effective to build the incident objectives in the midst of conflict by team members.
    • List at least one question related to your approach to the scenario or EOC operations that you would like to discuss.

Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of at least two of your fellow learners and provide substantive feedback to compare the relationship between general staff roles or approaches to decision-making. How might you approach the identified conflicts differently? Offer productive insight to address questions posed about the response to the scenarios or EOC operations.


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