HCS 483 Discussion

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1. Synthesize how information technology applications and new models can change the role of the patient. 150-200 words

2.Describe how information technology frames new business models and makes obsolete the old models. 150-200 words

3.Describe trends and future applications of health information systems (HIS) and technology. 150-200 words

4.Define mHealth and eHealth, their evolving uses, and their potential impacts in healthcare organizations, telemedicine, and public health. 150-200 words

5.Identify issues associated with striking a balance between security and privacy versus access to data and information. 150-200 words

6.Describe the effects of HIS and technology on the future of research, policy, and public health. 150-200 words.150-200 words

***Please use APA format when citing.

***Please indicate which your words are and which the research is.

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