Writing Assignment #2-Exhibit Response: Memories in the Making

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Description: Attend the Lecture and Exhibition Memories in the Making. In response, write a 1-2 page single spaced paper that considers the following three questions:

  1. As you watch and listen to the lecture and view the works in the exhibit, take mental and written notes. In the first part of your paper, spend time describing what stood out to you. No description is ever neutral, so what you choose to emphasize should help you understand what impacted you the most. Use specific language.
  2. In the next part of your paper, explain what from the lecture and/or exhibit most challenged or enlarged your idea of what visual art can do or be, and how did the artwork accomplish this?
  3. Thirdly, what metaphors or allegories for the spiritual life did you find in the artistic process presented? Or, what metaphors or allegories did you find in a particular artwork? Explain.

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