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Read Case : H&M: The Retail-Clothing Giant which can be found on p. 445-446 of your Hill and Hult Global Business Today book.(in picture attach)

•To learn more about H&M, go to: About H&M

•To learn more about H&M’s approach to the environment, go to: H&M and sustainability

•The following articles may also be helpful:

Bloomberg Business article

BBC News article

After reading and reflecting upon the discussion questions below, please write-up your case assignment according to the instructions in the syllabus. For your convenience, this format is provided below. Remember, your answers to the below discussion questions make up “Section 2” of your case write-up, and each answer should be provided in a separate paragraph.

Case write-ups should follow the following format:

Section 1: Introduction – a brief summary of the case and what you will address in the write-up.

Section 2*: Answers to questions (at the end of the case). Each answer should be discussed in its own paragraph(s).

Section 3: Conclusion – A synopsis of the case and any concluding remarks.

*The questions to answer for this case (for Section 2) are as follows:

•Question 1: Does it surprise you that the second largest clothing retailer is only selling in stores in 54 countries plus an additional 10 countries online? Why do you think it is not covering more of the world’s countries?

•Question 2: H&M does not own any of the factories that produce its clothes. Instead, it relies on some 1,900 factories and 900 suppliers to create what its team designed. These factories and suppliers are mostly in Europe and Asia. How can H&M ensure that its customers receive the quality expected in the clothing?

•Question 3: H&M stresses sustainability in its promotional campaigns. How can it ensure that the working conditions are appropriate for the 1.6 million people that will serve in its supplier network? Is it even H&M’s role to ensure that the working conditions and environmental impact are great in every market it engages in?

•Question 4: If you worked for H&M, what would you suggest that it focus on to become even larger than it is now? Should it own its own factories? Should it expand to more than the 64 countries (54 with stores and 10 online) that it is in now? Should it control more of the global chains?

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