Developing the ability of Conducting Primary Research

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Assignment Title: Conducting Primary Research
Developing the ability to conduct primary research can be an invaluable asset to add to your business
tool belt. Marketing researchers conduct primary research to gain human perspective on the problem or
opportunity being studied, or to identify problems or opportunities for study.
Directions for Completing this Assignment:
In this Assignment, you will analyze the Student Computer Lab case study. To effectively meet the
requirements of this assignment, analyze the qualitative data derived from the primary research found
in the case study scenario.
To successfully complete this Assignment, write a 2-3 page critical essay covering the following topics:
1. Determine overall student satisfaction with the computer lab.
2. Provide an opinion describing if it was wise to have a group with both graduate and undergraduate
students included? Support your opinion with research.
3. Analyze the focus group transcript very thoroughly. Make a list of problems and ideas generated
for the student computer lab.
4. What do you see as the benefits and limitations of the focus group findings? Do you think the task
force plan for utilizing the focus groups is appropriate?
5. What changes would you make to improve the problems or to capitalize on the opportunities
identified in the primary research? Collect and describe student recommendations for

Make sure to use headings.

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