ece332 week 4 discussion 1 RESPONSE s.w., psychology homework help

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Respond by providing additional ways that teachers or caregivers can minimize stereotypical differences in the classroom. Compare your classmates’ analyses of the videos to your own, and point out any differences or similarities that you find. Mine is attached below.

Gender roles are the combination of attitudes, behaviors, and personality characteristics that a culture considers appropriate for an individual’s anatomical sex. Psychologists have proposed a number of theories to explain gender typing (LeFrancois, 2012).

The two video I chose to analyze was Free to Be, You and Me- Ladies First and Boy Meets Girl.

The first video is about a girl who is convinced that she should always be first and have her own way. She talks about she is a “sweet little thing”, how nice her dress is, how she wears matching ribbons in her hair, shiny shoes, and white socks. She also mention that she present herself to be clean. She feels to herself that she should always be first for everything “ladies first, ladies first.” It also tells how when she went on the natures walk through the jungle, she made everyone stop saying she has to be careful of her lovely dress, white socks, and shiny black shoes. She made them clear the way for her. As the person was cutting up the mango, they mentioned that it was not enough mangos to go around. She did not want to share hers so she ran in front saying “ladies first.”

The second video that I chose was about a little five-year-old boy name William. William had wanted a doll to hug and hold. He also wanted it to wash and clean, and dress and feed it. His family and friends would always ick on him for wanting a doll. His parents told him that boys do not play with dolls it is for girls. His parents also figured if he participates in sports, that it would get his mind off wanting a doll. After he played baseball, he still asks his daddy if he can get the doll. William grandma thought it was great he wanted a doll so she bought one for him. When his daddy saw that William grandma got him one he frown. So she decided to pull him aside to explain that maybe if William get one he’ll learn how to love and care for a baby of his own. It will teach him how to be a great father when he grows up. After explaining that to him his thought of William having, a doll changed.

Next, explain how your own gender identity may have been influenced by gender stereotypes?

Ladies First: I think my own gender identify may have not been influenced by gender stereotypes. Growing up being the only girl and having two brothers and two boy cousins, I knew that being a girl they expect you to be clean, play with girl things. That was hard for me to do that knowing that you wanted to do the same thing as the boys does. Every day I would get dirty from playing kickball, dodgeball, climbing trees, or even hunting for deer or raccoons in the woods. To me I also feel that playing with certain toys do not make you a boy or a girl. I feel a toy is a toy rather it’s blur or green, yellow or pink. In today world men now a days wears pink. Before you wouldn’t catch a man wearing pink.

Boy Meets Girl: I think that we do not look at things in long terms. Meaning, later in life the things you do when you were younger can have a huge impact on you when you get older. As I was growing up girls, would play with trucks, play football, or even dress in boys clothing. In addition, boys could do the same play with girl toys like dolls and tea party.

Finally, what are some strategies you can use in an early childhood educational setting to avoid gender stereotyping?

I would have a dramatic play area that will have pretend clothing like a police officer, doctor, teacher, and a lawyer. I also would include a kitchen area because this area I a role for both men and women. I would encourage him or her that it is ok for anyone to play in this area.


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