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Identify each error in parallel structure by removing the word that does not fit in with other words in the sentence. Then, rewrite the parallel structure with the correct word. Check your spelling, capitalization, punctuation. Please read carefully

The career placement office at my college was a great help when I was looking for a job. My counselor showed me how to be writing a resume and prepare for an interview. She said that a resume should be short, easy to read, and focusing on your skills. Also, show off your achievements by using action words, such as “created,” “developed,” and did organize.” Tailor your cover letter to the job you are seeking, and don’t be sending a form letter. State how your work experience and your traits of personality make you the best person to hire. If you are called for an interview, congratulate yourself and then be moving onto stage two. My counselor told me to do three things before the interview: prepare, prepare, and be prepared. Learn as much as you can about the company–its products, its markets, and the history. Your research will help you answer questions as well as be asking questions. Finally, after the interview, write to thank the interviewer, to restate your interest in the job, and mentioning your qualifications.

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