Logos Pathos Ethos

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06.02 Evaluation of a Speech Worksheet

The Speech is the Civil Rights Address given by U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

Directions: Identify five examples of the use of logos, ethos, and pathos in the speech. First, cite specific lines from the speech. Then, indicate whether the lines are an example of logos, ethos, or pathos. Finally, explain your choice as well as the impact the lines are intended to have on the audience. One example has been completed for you.

Evaluation of a Speech Worksheet
Lines from the Speech Logos Ethos Pathos Explanation/Impact on the Audience

We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the Scriptures and is as clear as the American Constitution.

x This is an example of ethos because Kennedy is working to establish credibility with the audience. He wants the audience to trust in what he is saying. Kennedy lets the audience know that they are facing a battle that has been around for hundreds of years.





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