National Security

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An important purpose of this assignment is to examine what the different branches and layers of government do to address a policy using a current issue to illustrate it.

Complete a research essay on the government and national security.

Here are the guidelines and questions to address for this essay:

  1. Identify a current issue being debated about American national security and have a clear lesson or lessons in mind along with your takeaway.
  2. Explain at least two competing solutions to this problem.
  3. Evaluate which one is preferable and lay out the lessons that support your choice and your recommendation in the conclusion.


  • 500 word minimum but there is no maximum, a paper is as long or as short as it needs to be, no more no less. The minimum does not include references listed at the end or footnotes if used.
  • Incorporation of concepts and terms from the required readings. See my PowerPoint on using quotes, or primer so you can use quote and sources properly.
  • Inclusion of facts from a recent news article about the topic/solution.
  • Correct spelling, grammar, and formatting, whether it’s APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian.

Writing tips:

1) Write concisely! Though never sacrifice clarity for brevity. Develop ideas, don’t assert them.

2) Essays should be written in the third person perspective. (Don’t use we, us, our, you, your”). I is okay in context.

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