Phishing Web Site Detection about the Microsoft Azureml, computer science homework help

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Phishing Web Site Detection

In this lab,
you will create a model to detect a website using an AzureML. Download
the data file from the blackboard, experiment with the data set, and
write a report. The report should include

1) Goal

a. Describe the goal of the experiment with one or two sentences.

2) Method

a. Describe or show the workflow. You can show the steps as in itemized or in a diagram.

b. Describe the model with one or two sentences if you used in the experiment.

3) Environment

a. Describe about the system environment and the dataset.

b. Show the experimental results with a table or graph.

4) Observation

a. Analyze the results.

b. Point out if you find something interesting.

5) Conclusion

a. Summarize the results within one or two sentences.

b. Add what can be done in the future and

2 hours

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