Sports Management Law

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Please read the word document on how to brief a case; but also see below. Keep in mind that this was created for a law school class; so I will not expect the exact detail. I do however, want you to follow the IRAC formula and BRIEF the Jeremy Bloom case found in page 36 of your text.

I-SSUE: Is the question presented to the Court. This will always be in the form of a question.

R-ULE: The Rule(s) of law the Court applies to the case at hand. When answering the issue, the court will apply these rules; they can be state or federal law or statute, or even NCAA bylaws.

A-PPLICATION/ANALYSIS: This will always be the longest section of the brief. This where the you dissect and simplify how the COURT arrives at their conclusion. This is NOT your opinion, this is the analysis of the Court; how the Court answers the issue and arrives at their conclusion, based on the particular facts of this case as they are applied to the rules of law.

C-ONCLUSION: The final answer. The legal conclusion; who wins the case and the basic reason why. If there was a lower court ruling and this was an appeal, for example, the conclusion will also state whether or not the lower Court was upheld or overturned.

Both Articles and PAGE 36 is attached

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