View the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and summarize

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Follow the instructions

Directions:View the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and summarize:

1.Briefly summarize the plot of the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.Just give me an idea of what it is about; don’t tell me the entire story, scene by scene.Do not cut and paste this section from a movie review web site or the back of the movie or book.That would-be plagiarism.

2.Give a brief character description of the two or three most important characters in the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grapeand tell how they fit into the story (age, gender, relationship to other characters, character traits).

3.Identify two (2) communication problems that occur between characters in the book or film.

  • misperception, self-concept, self-esteem, conflict approaches, nonverbal communication, language, emotions, etc.).Use any of the concepts identified in Chapters 1 – 12 of your text.
  • Give specific examples from the film that illustrates the problems you have selected.Your examples will illustrate your understanding of the communication concepts.
  • Describe how communication was used to solve or escalate the problems that you identified.In other words, how did the characters choose to deal with the problem and what was the result?

4.Explain what you learned from analyzing the communication problems in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

  • Explain how the communication problems in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape are similar to problems you have faced in your own life.
  • If this movie made you aware of weaknesses in your own communication skills, explain what you can do to improve these skills.


  • This paper must be typed.
  • This paper must be at least four pages .
  • This paper must be readable.Be sure to proofread it and use spell check on your computer.
  • Use the 4 headings to format your paper: Summary, Character Description, Communication Problems, Lessons Learned.

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