Corrections Role

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Critically evaluate the role corrections plays in prevention and response to the type of abuse you chose in Module 02(CHILD ABUSE IN MINNESOTA). First, conduct scholarly research to examine the role corrections has in preventing the type of abuse. Provide a thorough summary supported with research of at least two prevention efforts used by corrections. Keep in mind this could be efforts to reduce recidivism. Next, provide a thorough summary of the correctional system’s response to the type of abuse. What role does corrections play in responding to this type of abuse? What policy recommendations or statutory requirements are used to guide the response? These could be treatment options as well as other sanctions. Finally, conduct research to expose the challenges of these prevention efforts and responses. Incorporate at least one challenge to a prevention effort discussed and one challenge of response. This section of the assignment should meet APA formatting guidelines and incorporate at least two scholarly sources (from the library databases). Here is the section of the outline provided in the Project Introduction of Module 01 that provides a breakdown of what should be included in this segment:

The correctional system’s role in prevention and response

  1. Discussion of first prevention effort used by the correctional system
    1. Supported with research
  2. Discussion of second prevention effort used by the correctional system
    1. Supported with research
  3. Discussion of responses used by corrections
    1. Statutory requirements and/or policy recommendations
    2. Supported with research
  4. Discussion of challenges faced by corrections
    1. One challenge of prevention efforts
      1. Supported with research
    2. One challenge of response
      1. Supported with research

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