Looking Back and The Future of HLS

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Part One:

Be sure to read the assigned readings for this unit before attempting to answer this question.

According the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Web site Whole Community, whole community is an approach to emergency management that reinforces the fact that FEMA is only one part of the nation’s emergency management team; that all of the resources that the collective team in preparing for must be leveraged, protecting against, responding to, recovering from and mitigating against all hazards; and that collectively, homeland security (HLS) professionals must meet the needs of the entire community in each of these areas. This larger collective emergency management team includes not only FEMA and its partners at the federal level, but also local, tribal, state, and territorial partners; nongovernmental organizations such as faith-based, nonprofit groups, and private sector industries; and individuals, families, and communities, who continue to be the nation’s most important assets as first responders during a disaster.

You are a staff member for a company that has been identified as a national critical infrastructure (CI) site. You are pulling together a disaster response plan for the company. Your boss looks at your outline and says, “This looks pretty good, but aren’t there a bunch of resources available in our local community besides all the government help we already know about? How about adding a list of those resources as well?”

Create a list (2 pages maximum) of such resources, with short explanatory phrases or sentences as necessarily for clarity. This will be become section 9 of the Key Assignment.

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