Research a current public policy in the state of Florida, either recently enacted or under consideration.

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Policy Analysis of (Insert bill identifying code, such as HR702 or S24, and Title)

Your first paragraph should:

  • introduce the issue or problem the policy or bill addresses
  • explain the public policy idea, including text from the bill
  • describe different perspectives on addressing the issue

Your next few paragraphs should:

  • describe who or what will be impacted by the policy idea (consider the people who engage in the behavior targeted by the policy, law enforcement agencies, businesses that may have to make changes to comply with the law, etc.)
  • discuss the costs and benefits of the policy idea

Your following paragraph should:

  • contain your recommendation to either support or repeal a policy that already exists, or vote for or against a policy idea
  • include as much strong evidence as possible, such as facts and data that you can find to support your position

Be sure to include MLA-style citations for your sources of information.

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