The Inferno – Annotated Bibiography and Three sins

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One of the major themes in The Inferno is the conflict between
good and evil. Let’s explore what the scholarship has to say about
this topic. Find a
scholarly credible, full-text, peer-reviewed article
about The Inferno, preferably one that examines the story’s theme of good versus evil. Write a citation for the article that is formatted in APA style and then annotate the article.

Now, review The Inferno, paying special attention to the
opposition between fraud and God’s love in canto XXXIV, which describes
the Ninth Circle of Hell. According to this canto, fraud is the worst
sin possible because it is the polar opposite of God’s love. This
assertion implies that the greater the contrast between human activity
and God’s love, the more evil the deed. Keeping this in mind identify
three additional sins from the assigned cantos. For each sin that you
pick, use your knowledge of The Inferno’s architecture to
determine the extent to which the sin contrasts with God’s love. List
the three sins hierarchically in order of the degree of evil that the
text attributes to them.

intext citations, reference, plagiarism free please, page numbers if applicable.

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