this is a short time edit i already wrote the essay but need some editing due in 1 and half hour

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This is the requirement for the paper:

Hello, here is the requirement that need to meet.

1. Choose one geopoliticla episode involving Russia and the United State. ( I would like to write about the Cold War tha happen between United State and Russia)

2. The paper needs to represent this moment from two distinct perspectives.

3. words (1500-1800) around 6 pages.

4. discuss the two portrayals, and explore the argumentative, artistic and technical methods used to make each arguement.

5, underline the Thesis Statement, the Thesis statement is really important.

6. conclusion, beside the regular conlcusion, add why it is important to carefully read the texts you have preseted.

The article that I provide is about the Cold war, the movie is also about the cold war. ( two distinct perspectives. )

The movie (Dr. Strangelove

this is the edit requirement:

Here is the requirements and please do it as soon as possible because it is due in 1.5 hours

1. Please write more about the movie. The reflection of the movie. Because the content of the movie is too few.

2. Please simple words. Some of the sentences that you wrote is to complexity. Please make some change to the sentences.

3. Use less of the outside sources beside the reading and the movie that I provided to you.

4 focus on the perspective of the reading and the perspectives of the movie and compare these two more.

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