Understanding Drama

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Week 5 Discuss.

1) Spend some time with the website of the one-minute play festival found here:

http://www.oneminuteplayfestival.com — check out some of the links to the one-minute plays that are featured in the festival. What do you notice? Another possiblity is to look up “one-minute plays” on YouTube and see what you find.

2) Now, write your own one-minute play using no fewer than two characters. Be sure to include pertinent stage directions.

3) Have fun! Don’t worry about writing a master piece. Just work on putting together a one-page or one-minute play that features a couple worthwhile characters who have something to say! You’re free to take complete liberty with this assignment.

4) Check out the “dialogue tips” handout under ‘Course Materials’ which will help you put your play into proper format.

5) 250 word minimum and 2 scholarly sources

Complete Section1200 words and 3 scholarly sources

Let’s discuss the idea of the American hero regarding Death of a Salesman. The American idea of a tragic hero differs substantially from the Ancient Greek idea of the tragic hero and one’s tragic flaw. How do you find value in reading about such American tragic heroes such as Willy Loman?

Be sure to support your ideas with details from the play as well as quoted passages. As always, make sure you use in-text citations and an end reference.

1.In what ways does Will Loman recognize (or fail to recognize) his own shortcomings? Why does this matter? Would you say that Willy Loman’s lack of self-awareness is a major part of the tragedy?

2.What did you personally learn about human behavior from the historical aspects of the play and does this play’s commentary on American consumerism resonate with what we see and experience in our society today?

3.Is Willy Loman completely responsible for what became of him and his keeping-up-with the Joneses obsession or can we also blame the social and cultural environment in which he lived?

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