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Discussion: Your criteria for a successful solution

Read/Skim over the materials about setting criteria (Bardach Part I, Step Four: Select the Criteria – Attached Book- PAGE 31-47) , consider how Bardach’s Evaluative and Practical Criteria apply to your policy problem (Recidivism).

1) List three to five criteria that you will use to evaluate policy alternatives for solving your problem

2) For each criterion, specify a metric for evaluating policy alternative performance on that criterion. You may specify qualitative or quantitative metrics, as you think appropriate.

3) Provide relative weights for the importance the criteria. Do this weighting by distributing a total of 100 “points” across all your criteria. For example, if you have five criteria and they are all equally important, then each would get 20 points. On the other hand, if one criterion was much more important than any of the others, then it would might 30 points and the others would each get 17.5.

I attached a couple slides that I came up with for some criteria ideas that I was thinking about that might also be useful for this.

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