Concept App Paper

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Concept Application Paper (CAP):

This assignment is intended to help you apply the concepts discussed in this class. It is an effort to go beyond the mere definitions and technical terms and identify how the ideas discussed have practical application. For this paper, you are take 1-2 specific concepts and explain how these concepts apply in the workplace. You may choose a general workplace or a specific organization. However, your description must be clear as to how the concepts chosen apply and the effect such concepts will have in that workplace. The paper should be no more than 2 pages with a brief (2-3 sentences) introduction of the organization followed by 1-2 specific concepts and their application supported by 3 journal article sources (articles not provided by me). This assignment is intended to help you bridge the gap between science and practitioner, so you may appropriately determine how best to incorporate the concepts into practical application. The papers must be written in accordance to APA writing standards. This assignment will include a title page, no more than 2 pages of content, and the reference list; all written in Times Roman 12 point font, and be double spaced with 1” margins. The paper is deliberately limited to 2 pages to facilitate students’ abilities to communicate complex ideas concisely and accurately. Going over the 2-page limit of content will result in an immediate deduction of 15 points.

I am in the Navy. If you need any more information please let me know.

Text in class is:

Pinder, C. C. (2008). Work motivation in organizational behavior(2nded.). New York, NY:

Psychology Press

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