Domestication and GMOs

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This assignment is a high level creative thinking exercise. You are asked to use what you have learned about the past to consider problems faced in the world today. This is NOT a research essay. You need not do any research outside of assigned class materials and those supplemental sources listed below. You are welcome to do additional research if you choose to, however you will be graded on your use of course


Step 1: Do all of the assigned readings for the class related to the topic you have chosen. This includes watching all assigned videos.

Step 2: Look at all of the assigned links in this document under the topic you have chosen.

Step 2: Write an essay.

Be sure to answer ALL of the questions posed in both parts 1 and 2 of the prompts. Also be sure to include examples from the course material whenever asked to do so!

Type – About 5 pages Times New Roman, double spaced,Must include 1inch” margins – text citations and a works cited page (as the sixth page) – Must make use of course readings, videos, and lectures – Avoid long quotes

Essay Topic:

Domestication and GMOs

Part 1:

How similar is the process of genetically modifying organisms today to the initial domestication of plants and animals? Be sure to consider and explain how each process is performed, the models for why each process occurs, and the outcomes of each process for human societies. Use specific examples.

Part 2:

There are over 800 million starving people in the world today. Are genetically modified organisms the solution to this problem? Be sure to address issues like population pressure/carrying capacity, monetary expenses (for whom), monetary gains (for whom), environmental impacts (positive and/or negative), health impacts, and time. In addition to the course materials, please consider the videos and articles in the link below if you choose this essay

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