Informative Writing: Drafting, Revising, and Proofreading

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Complete a 2.5-3-page informative essay based on the outline you wrote for Assessment 3.

The third stage of the Hero’s Journey is the trials faced by the hero as they move along their journey. All of the trials are experiences that should help with gaining wisdom along the way, but they are obstacles at first.

As you complete your work for this course, consider how your trials and obstacles can lead to success. For example, are you struggling with a certain area of writing? Are you struggling with completing the work? This week is a good time to consider areas of struggle, or trials, and reach out to your instructor to think of ways to remove these obstacles to continue on your path to successful course completion. As you continue with the stages of writing to draft your informative essay, be aware of your obstacles and actively seek to overcome these obstacles.

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