social work

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  1. Part 1: Introduction and Statement of the Problem: The purpose of this assignment is to help you to develop your research proposal. Be sure to read Chapter 17 on Content Analysis before you do this assignment. It should contain the following:
    1. An Introduction to the social problem you plan to study 1-2 pages (4-6 sources must be cited).
    1. Provide a clear description and significance of the problem: In this section provide statistical data to demonstrate the magnitude and severity of the problem. You are attempting to convince the proposal reviewer that this really is a problem. The statistical data can be gathered from social work journals and research reports only.
    2. Give a brief connection of the social problem to your anticipated study population-expand your discussion of the problem by detailing some of the manifestations and implications of this problem for your population group.
    3. State the purpose of and rationale for your study. Does researching this problem have meaning for the social work profession? How can your knowledge and experience inform your scientific inquiry? Show the “gap” in knowledge base. Show why studying this social problem is relevant to social work practice.
    4. Prepare a research question that you expect the findings from your study to answer.

    Part 2: A Literature Review to provide “evidence” that the problem exists and how previous researchers and practitioners have attempted to address that problem. 3 pages.The literature review should consist of:

    1. An extensive review of the relevant studies that have been conducted on your social problem. You should include at least 10 sources in your literature review. However, critically analyze the methodology of three (3) salient studies in your analysis. By extensively reviewing the literature and critically analyzing the salient research studies about your specific social problem, you are learning to use research evidence to inform your practice. However, your own practice experience is important and should be used to inform your scientific inquiry.
    2. The conceptual/theoretical framework that supports your research study with relevant theories and concepts that are germane to your particular variables of interest. There are many theories in your Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman text (HSBE). In social work, we use many theories and perspectives from other professions and disciplines such as psychology, cultural anthropology, medicine, and sociology. Whatever theory or theories you choose must be directly related to your topic and your variables.
    3. The sources used in your literature review should be current and thus include articles that are no older than 10 to15 years old unless they are classic. The literature review should consist of articles and books primarily from the social work research journals. Rubin and Babbie refer you to many such journals in the Internet Exercises.


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