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The cyber policy of our competitors is similar. As it should be. Information is the key to success for any state. Using resources to focus on a reconnaissance of information is apart of war. That’s why we have intelligence agencies and intelligence jobs in the military. Knowing is half the battle. I do not believe an international agreement will ever come to terms. All of the nations pounce around the idea. To me, that’s why I feel there is such an effort to create standards and share knowledge of what best practices there are to protect systems. I feel if the world wanted to completely control the internet they would have done so already. This just goes back to the nature of the internet. It is a free and unlimited space that can expand infinitely. It’s very much like unlimited land in the digital world. It’s too vast to control. It would take more effort to control which would take time and effort away from creating a more secure world. I think it would take too long even to get the effort rolling. An international effort to control the internet would need a lot of time to plan and implement. Not to mention all the rules of and regulations every state has their own. It points back to it is too vast to control.

I believe they do have the same interest. China and Russia attempt to break into the American infrastructure every day. According to Higgins, an NSA employees computer was hacked into to gather information (2017, p.1). They are actively attacking the U.S. The U.S. has an offensive security team that does this same type of activity all around the world. Sometimes I feel like the U.S. attempts to play world police in the digital world as well.

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